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This image features a dozen box of the Saintnine U-Pro Tour golf ball.


3-Piece Performance Urethane Golf Ball

Designed for mid to low handicap golfers seeking control and feel. The mid-to-high trajectory ball flight keeps players in control of their shots, without losing distance.

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This image features a dozen box of the Saintnine U-Pro golf ball.

Saintnine U-Pro

The Only 2-Piece Performance Urethane Ball in Golf
The Saintnine U-Pro is a great ball from tee-to-green. Golfers of all levels will easily generate distance with a high trajectory ball flight without sacrificing feel and spin - no matter what the conditions

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This image features a dozen box of the Extreme Soft Gold golf balls.

Extreme Soft Gold

The Gold Standard for Premium Urethane Balls
The Saintnine Extreme Soft Gold is the highest spinning Tour Level ball you can find. Take advantage of the Tour Level spin and stop a ball on any green, any time, no matter what level you play

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Image of the NEXEN TIRE Company logo

Saintnine Golf Balls are produced by NEXEN TIRE, one of the global leaders in Tire Manufacturing.

Image of the Saintnine Monkey Mental Mate

As a rising leader in the international golf ball industry, Saintnine seeks to create a new golf culture focused on the willpower and spirituality of the game. 'Mental Mates' are on each ball to provide you a better state of mind and help you improve your game.


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