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Mental Mates


Saintnine understands the mental side of the game not only affects your score,
but how much you enjoy your time on the course. Each Saintnine golf ball
will come with one of nine UV printed “Mental Mates”, which will help keep your mind on track and
play your best golf. All nine “Mental Mates” have their own message that will relate to your golf game.
Find the “Mental Mate” that keeps your mind on track and helps you thrive through any round

Lion Mental Mate golf ball. The Lion represents confidence.

Lion - Confidence

Have the confidence to
achieve your lowest scores.

Camel Mental Mate golf ball. The Camel represents endurance.

Camel - Endurance

Have the endurance to
make it through any round.

Flamingo Mental Mate golf ball. Flamingo represents serenity.

Flamingo - Serenity

Have the serenity to find
peace on the course.

Elephant Mental Mate golf ball. Elephant represents calm.

Elephant - Calm

Have the calm to get
past your toughest hole. 

Monkey Mental Mate golf ball. Monkey represents joy.

Monkey- Joy

Have the joy to appreciate
the little things in golf. 

Crocodile Mental Mate golf ball. Crocodile represents focus.

Crocodile - Focus

Have the focus to take
the round one shot at a time.

Puppy Mental Mate golf ball. Puppy represents positivity.

Puppy - Positivity

Have the positivity to tame
any negative thoughts.

Rhino Mental Mate golf ball. Rhino represents trust.

Rhino - Trust

Have the trust to play
any shot in your bag.

Eagle Mental Mate golf ball. Eagle represents competitiveness.

Eagle - Competitiveness

Have the competitiveness
to overcome any obstacle. 

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