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Image of Saintnine golf balls.

Saintnine Golf Balls Introduced in U.S.

ORLANDO, Florida – Saintnine, a rising leader in the international golf ball industry, has introduced its premium, high-performance product lines into the U.S. market. With its successful launch at the PGA Merchandise Show in January, Saintnine, which offers multiple product options to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of golfers, is gaining recognition with players and retailers coast to coast.

“Saintnine is known around the world for the performance characteristics and appealing, inspirational designs of its golf balls,” said Timothy Chae, CEO of Saintnine. “Now we are pleased to present the opportunity for American golfers to discover how Saintnine can enhance their games, too, bringing more pleasure and satisfaction to the playing experience.”

Select Saintnine golf balls are marked with a graphic “mental mate,” a colorful character invoking a characteristic that can improve one’s game, in keeping with the company motto: “Strong Mind, Strong Game.” The mental mates, part of the Saintnine story, include Confidence, Calm, Focus, Endurance, Competitiveness, Joy, Focus, Positivity, and Trust.


About Saintnine

Saintnine, founded in 2012, derives its name from the inspiration of St Andrews, Scotland, widely recognized as the home of golf. Whether playing nine or 18 holes, or any combination or variety of the game, golfers worldwide enjoy experiencing the game with all its challenges and rewards. Mindful of the inspirational history of golf and the willpower players need to reach their potential, Saintnine manufactures golf balls that provide both state-of-the-art technical qualities and intriguing motivational designs to help golfers play their best.

Saintnine plans to grow globally as a forward-thinking company offering high-quality performance and feel golf balls that enhance players’ concentration.

Saintnine is owned by Nexen Tire, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

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